Veg Stew with Dosa

Veg Stew is a traditional recipe from Kerala cuisine, which, of course has rich taste of coconut. It would be apt to say it is nothing but coconut! This recipe has minimum ingredients. The tough part is preparing the coconut milk! But, once it is done, this recipe takes just about 10 mins. Green chilies and ginger complement well with coconut milk.Prep time 15 mins
Cook time 10 mins

Key Ingredients
Coconut milk  3cups
Green chilli  5 nos (slit)
Potato chopped into small cubes 4 nos
Ginger finely chopped  1 inch
Onion finely chopped 1 big
Fresh Curry leaves few
Coconut oil 1 tsp

1. Pressure cook onions, potato, greenchilli and ginger for 3 whistles
2. When it is ready to open, open it and add the coconut milk. Smash the cooked potatoes roughly to get thickness of the stew. Add salt and heat for few mins
3. Switch off the stove. Add curry leaves and coconut oil.

Serve it with Dosa or Idli!

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