Unniappams from Kerala Cuisine

Unniappam is the signature recipe of Kerala’s temples. The bananas and jaggery complement each other so well. Unlike the sweet kuzhi paniyarams, the rice batter is not fermented for a long time in this recipe. Raw Rice gives the unniappams a smooth texture. The ghee adds to the flavour of jaggery and banana. How To […]

Whole Wheat Appam

┬áThis is a life savior┬árecipe that suits all festivals. Boli and appam are must for avani avittam celebrated by Tamil Brahmins. It is even prepared on the day of Bogi, the day before Pongal and as well as Karthigai Deepam. Traditionally, appam is prepared with rice flour and jaggery. This recipe turns out to be […]