Sambar powder

Sambar Powder - South Indian Feast

I learnt to make sambar powder from my mom. This recipe is simply the best, I have tried almost all the brand of sambar powder, but none of it had the taste, flavour or the freshness this recipe has.

Since, sambar is the most important dish in south Indian food, the quality of sambar powder is very important for preparing tasty sambar.  So I never use store bought powders.

Quick Tip: If you do not have time to prepare sambar powder, you could even try Arachuvitta sambar. This is prepared using fresh ground ingredients esp when you run short of sambar powder, this recipe is very handy.

We grind sambar powder for a month. So, I have used measures to make a large quantity. I have also given another version with smaller measures.

Sambar Powder

Author: Savitha

Prep Time 15 mins

Cook Time 15 mins

Key Ingredients

Dhaniya/ coriander seeds 500 gms

Red chillies 350 gms

Toor dal 250 gms

Bengal gram 100 gms

Fenugreek 50 gms

Pepper pods 25 gms

Mustard seeds 10 gms

Dry Turmeric 50 gm (Virali manjal)


Grind the above ingredients in a mill and store it in an air tight container. This has a long shelf life if it is kept dry.

Sambar powder (small measures)

Dhaniya/ coriander seeds 50 gms

Red chillies 35 gms

Toor dal 25 gms

Bengal gram 10 gms

Fenugreek 5 gms

Pepper pods 3 gms

Mustard seeds 1 gm

Dry Turmeric 5 gm (Virali manjal)


Dry roast the ingredients in a pan. Transfer the ingredients to a blender jar and grind it to fine powder

Store it in an air tight container

Useful Tip

#Use only dry hand and dry spoon to take out sambar powder. Moisture is the worst enemy.

#Sambar powder is versatile, you can add this for roasted veggies too. Sometime we add a tsp of sambar powder to potato fry or cauliflower vadhakal or even chepankizhangu vadhakal. It tastes divine.

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