Fruit Truffle

Truffle is a very easy dessert. It can be prepared in a jiffy if you have all the ingredients in place. This contains everything that could satiate your craving. A piece of cake, a scoop of ice-cream/ custard, lot of fruits, nuts and anything and everything you binge on. It is a pure sin if […]

Easy Rava Ladoo Recipe

Rava laddoo - South Indian Feast

Rava Ladoo is one of the easiest sweets ever! It is a huge hit among the kids. I love preparing rava laddoo, it is actually worth the time spent. However you prepare this, thing would never go wrong with this sweet. Unlike many other sweets, you do really have to be very watchful while making […]

Biriyani Masala

Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani

Hyderabadi Biriyani Masala is the soul of Dum Biriyani. It’s a super easy recipe which almost has all the aromatic spices of India. It is an important ingredient for preparing Dum Biriyani like I said earlier. This masala has very important spices, which, when added only in the right quantity, gives a perfect taste. Check […]

Pidi Karunai Masiyal

Pidi Karunai or Elephant foot yam curry

By Savitha, Pidi Karunai or Elephant foot yam is a tuber. It has lot of health benefits and is widely used in ayurvedic medicines. In ayurveda, elephant yam cures piles, ulcers and many other ailments. It is also one of the healthiest tubers. This recipe is tasty and simple. It is prepared widely in southern […]