Mullu Murukku


A very simple and crispy delight awaits you here! This recipe take you back to your childhood days if you are a south Indian. Preparing murukku is a ritual in all our homes for any festival be it Gokulashtami, Deepavali or any festival you name! This is a much simplified version of murukku, which you can prepare with limited ingredients in hand.

Prep time 10 mins
Cook time 15 mins
Serving size (Depends on the size of the measuring cup)

Key Ingredients
Rice Flour 2 cups
Urad flour 1/2 cup (if you do not have flour, you can grind urad dal in blender to fine powder)
Fried gram powder 1/4 cup
Carrom seeds 1 tsp
Sesame seeds 1 tsp (white sesame)
Butter 1 tsp (or ghee or hot oil)
Chili powder 1 tsp
Oil for frying
Water 1-1/2 cup

You need murruku achchu (mould) for getting the shape.

1. Combine all the dry ingredients and butter/ ghee/ oil.
2. Now add water little by little and knead the flour to a thick dough
3. The dough must not be very loose. It must exactly be like the dough we prepare for poori
4. In a skillet heat oil (almost a cup). Use the murrukku achchu and press it directly in oil to form murrukku shapes or make the shapes in the spoon that you are going to use for taking the fried murukus from and drop it carefully in the oil.
5. When the murukkus turn light brown, take it out and put it in an absorbent tissue.

Serve hot for evening snack or store it in an air tight container

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