Mudakathan Keerai Dosa

by Savitha,

Mudakkathan Keerai or Cardiospermum leaves  or balloon vine (as called in English), is a very famous creeper in Tamil Nadu. The leaves are known for its medicinal benefits. This plant is widely found in bushes and could be easily grown in a small pot. You can make thogayal, Soup or dosas (of course) using these leaves.

This recipe is simple and is best for breakfast or dinner. The dosas have an attractive colour, flavour and taste.

Prep Time 6-8 hours (including fermentation)
Cook Time 5 mins

Key Ingredients

Mudakathan Keerai 1 cup (200 ml) (cleaned, washed and chopped)
Pepper pods 2 tsp
Idly Rice 2 cups (soaked for 3-4 hours)

Method for preparing the batter

  1. In a blender/ grinder, grind the soaked idly rice by adding some water.
  2. Add the pepper pods, salt and the chopped greens to the batter while it is half ground.
  3. Transfer it to a container. Wait for 6 hours till the batter ferments.

The batter may take upto 6-8 hours to ferment so, it is best to prepare it in the evening for the next day.

For Preparing Dosa

  1. Mix the fermented batter, heat the dosa pan.
  2. Pour a ladle full of batter on the pan and make a nice thin dosa.
  3. Close it with a lid.  When it looks done, turn the other side. (this takes roughly around 2 mins.

Serve hot with Idli-Chili powder. It tastes the best with this powder.

While it is best to prepare this Mudakathan dosa as mentioned above. You could even mix the paste of these leaves directly to the idli batter and make dosas in the same way. But it may not really taste great, as the fermented taste of the idly batter would dominate.

You can even make fries with the same batter. Just pour a little batter to heated oil. You are in for a yummy snack!

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