Filter Kaapi or Drip Brew Coffee

Filter Coffee or Drip brew coffee

A day is lost in my life if I don’t start it with a cup of filter Coffee aka Drip Brew Coffee. Drinking a cuppa (coffee) is a part of Tambrahm’s tradition. It’s more like a family tradition than an addiction.

We get too fussy when it comes to choosing the right blend/ brand, coffee – chickory mix so on and so forth. We buy only the same brand and blend. We do not try anything new.

The first strong decoction goes for people who wake up early. It is at the best taste. Reheating coffee, in stove, kills the taste. So we used to wake up the moment we get the aroma of coffee early in the morning.

As far as I know, there are three typical blends that are available in local coffee shops here. PB, A and AB mix. Our family prefers only PB.

Drip Brew Coffee

Author: Savitha

Prep Time 10 mins

Cook Time 5 mins (for milk)

Key Ingredients

PB Coffee powder 3 1/2 tbsp (fresh ground)
Chicory 1/4 tsp (optional)
Boiled milk 50-60 ml
Sugar to taste


1. If you are using chickory, mix it well with coffee powder in a bowl.

2. In a medium sized coffee filter, put  coffee powder. Press gently with a tumbler. (Bottom portion of a tumbler) Do not press very hard. The powder may get stuck to the filter.

3. In a vessel, boil 100 ml water. Let it boil well.

4. Pour the boiling water into the filter. Close it with the lid. (Just place the lid on top, do not close it right)

5. In another vessel, boil the milk. This would take at least 5 min.

6. Check the filter, if the decoction is ready. Fill a tumbler with 1/3rd decoction or more if you prefer a very strong cup of coffee. Add sugar to taste.

7. Now pour the boiled milk, till the tumbler gets filled. You may add more decoction to adjust to your taste.

8. Use a davara or a spoon to mix/ stir the sugar.

9. Serve hot with the froth

Your hot and steamy cuppa filter kaapi is ready! Rise and shine have a great day!

Useful Tips

#1 For reheating, either use a microwave or use a milk cooker. Do not heat it in a stove directly. (It should be double boiled)

#2 Do not store coffee powder in fridge. It loses its aroma

#3 Use fresh blend coffee powder for better taste. Don’t buy in bulk.

#4 Choose the right brand. Till you find the right taste for you, buy 50 gm packs. It really horrible to start a day with a bad coffee! (Try tea instead!)

So, Tell us, What’s your favorite blend? What’s your coffee story?


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