Unniappams from Kerala Cuisine

Unniappam is the signature recipe of Kerala’s temples. The bananas and jaggery complement each other so well. Unlike the sweet kuzhi paniyarams, the rice batter is not fermented for a long time in this recipe. Raw Rice gives the unniappams a smooth texture. The ghee adds to the flavour of jaggery and banana. How To […]

Nadan chicken curry

Nadan chicken curry

Nadan Chicken curry is one of the popular and mouth watering chicken recipes from Kerala cuisine. It is yet another flavorful dish prepared with lot of spices, seasoned in coconut oil. This recipe is easy to cook and is much different from the other¬†chicken recipes that I have posted before. ¬†Other than marinating the chicken […]

Appam or Aapam

Appam - South Indian Feast

by Savitha, Aapam or Appam, however you call, is one of the best Indian breakfasts. It is popular in Sri Lanka as well. It is best because it is rich in carbs, that gives enough energy for you the whole day. These spongey appams are rich in fibre. As the appam batter needs fermentation, it […]

Chicken Drumstick Curry

Chicken Drumstick Curry - South Indian Feast

by Sandhya, Chicken drumstick curry is yet another tasty non-veg recipe from Kerala cuisine. The marinated chicken cooked in fresh coconut milk has an extraordinary taste and flavour. The main condiment for this dish is the fennel powder and chicken masala. It blends well with the marinated chicken. It is a delicious combo for pulao […]



by Sandhya, Thoran is the simplest recipe which has cooked vegetables and seasoned with grated coconut and chilies. It is the best side dish for south Indian meal. It is prepared on almost all the days in South India. Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 10 mins Key Ingredients To Grind without water Small onions […]

Chicken Roast

Chicken Roast - South Indian Feast

by Sandhya, Chicken Roast is a very famous non-veg recipe. The taste of marinated chicken chunks, roasted in masala is an excellent combination for rice or roti. It takes a long time to cook. So, it is best for lunch during weekends. Prep Time 1.5 hours Cook Time 30 mins Key Ingredients Chicken 500 gm. […]