Pathiri and Kadala Curry

Pathiri and Kadala curry

by Sandhya, Pathiri is a zero oil rice roti prepared in Kerala. It is more like the shells that we prepare for modhaks. Pathiri is best when served hot with Kadala Curry. This is the best breakfast combo that anyone can have as it has the perfect blend of carbs from Pathiri and protein from […]

Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

Kuzhi paniyaram is a tasty south indian dish, for preparing this, we grind a separate batter. I have seen lot of my friends using the same idly/ dosa batter for making kuzhi paniyarams. That may seem easy, but the taste is not that great. The idly/ dosa batter will have a strong fermented flavour as […]

Pumpkin Chutney

Chakkara Pushani Chutney

Pumpkin chutney/ Parangikai/ chakkara pushani chutney is a delicious and yet another simple chutney recipe. It takes hardly 20 mins to prepare this. The only challenge here is chopping the pumpkin! This chutney tastes best with ripe pumpkins. We can use the seeds and the fibrous strands of the pumpkin also for this. If it is […]

Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney

 Coconut Chutney is the super easy side dish for idly or dosa. It is the best when the coconut is fresh and sweet. Whenever we break a coconut, the first thing we do is grind coconut chutney. We usually grate coconuts unless we are in a hurry, we take out pieces with a help of a knife. […]

Arachuvitta tomato and onion sambar (side dish for idlies and dosas)

Arachuvitta Tomato Onion Sambar for Idli/Dosa

Arachuvitta Tomato Onion sambar recipe (for idly and dosa) will surely be everyone’s favourite side dish for idly/dosa. It is one of the easiest and tastiest side dish, should say. The tangy tomatoes and small onions give a unique taste as against the traditional arachivitta sambar. “Arachivitta” refers to the masala that is ground fresh everytime when […]