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Hi everyone,

I am Savitha from Chennai. I share recipes cooked by me and my friends in our community. Our community is basically full of people from IT sector. I get to meet lot of people from many parts of India who settle down here owing to their jobs. So, when we casually meet, we discuss a lot about various cuisines, traditional cuisines and all the minute details of it.

More interestingly, we exchange our food. It’s a pot luck everyday. I used to be a full time stay at home mother. So my life revolved around my kids, what to cook, new-mom chronicles, nurturing the family and so on. I used to write down and try any interesting recipes that I come across/ shared by friends. Then I thought of starting a blog where I can record all the interesting recipes. Even if I lose my recipe book, this blog is here to stay.

This blog would be useful for many people who like to try authentic food from different states. Nothing can beat the taste of authentic food.

Now, We mostly post recipes from Tamil cuisine, Kerala cuisine and Andhra cuisine. Even though I eat vegetarian food only. I post many interesting non veg recipes too. I like the way Indian food is cooked – be it veg or non veg. There is a lot of science, passion, tradition and a whole host of things behind cuisines.  Cooking, serving and eating – It is a spiritual experience for me. There is no reason to be judgmental about what we eat.

The main aim of this blog is to try new stuff at the same time to hold on to our roots. We are trying to preserve the ancestral culinary knowledge and the cure that the nature provides in forms of food, that our forefathers (in this case “fore-mothers”) have discovered.

I started this blog only to post as many classic south Indian recipes as I can. I am also posting our north Indian inspired recipes and many continental recipes too. I have been posting recipes from my close like-minded friends Aparna, Sandhya and Vidhya.

About Us

Aparna is a passionate baker. She is an enterprenuer. Her baking venture Bake-o-Mania is already making waves in our locality. Whenever you visit her, you get a mixed aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg or many divine flavours from her Hyderabadi Dum biriyani. She is an expert food connoisseur, follows many food blogs. Her bakes are the “bestest” in the world!

She is very meticulous when it comes to cooking. She would plan everything ahead. There is no last minute goof-up. She gives great attention to cooking healthy food. She is a fitness enthusiast. So, when she is not baking/cooking, she would be in gym or swimming pool or on her yoga mat or at least walking!

Sandhya is an extra-ordinary cook. She enjoys cooking her own Kerala cuisine as well as continental food. She has a big fan following for her classic Kerala non-veg food. Her chicken 65 is a huge hit on our facebook page. I love her pathiri and kadala curry as well as many other dishes she generously shares with us.

She can cook many tough dishes effortlessly. She is not only a great cook, but also a brilliant dancer. She has a good sense of rhythm and can dance to almost any song!

Vidhya is my sister-in-law and one of my closest friends. We love preparing and eating Veg biriyani together. We love watching our kids grow together. We share food and talk about our kitchen (mis)adventures whenever we catch up. Her interest for the minute detail is laudable. Her sense of food aroma would make you spell bound.

She is great aficionado of Tambrahm food. She likes to cook off beat recipes. Be it Indian or continental. She would bounce of the walls to try some new recipe she gets to read.  She is a perfectionist. When she cooks, even if it’s a three course meal, she does nothing by halves. She would surprise us at times with a memorable treat!

And me Savitha, I am a foodie. Apart from preparing my own tam brahm food, I love trying and tasting different food.

Our food photos

It is taken by ourselves with the help of our mobile cameras. We have extraordinary culinary skills, we are still working on our photography. I am sure, we would surprise you with our professional photographs soon.

Our Families and Friends

We are here only with the support that we got from our family and friends. Our families have taught us the great virtue of being passionate mothers. We owe it all to you. We have a good fan following in social media. Please check us out on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ and please do subscribe to our posts!

You can join our community too. If you have any authentic recipe you can contribute to the website with a photograph of the recipe.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you. Send a mail to admin@southindianfeast.in / savitha@southindianfeast.in for any queries or comments or feedback.