Unniappams from Kerala Cuisine

Unniappam is the signature recipe of Kerala’s temples. The bananas and jaggery complement each other so well. Unlike the sweet kuzhi paniyarams, the rice batter is not fermented for a long time in this recipe. Raw Rice gives the unniappams a smooth texture. The ghee adds to the flavour of jaggery and banana. How To […]

Maanga Paruppu/ Raw Mango Dal Curry

Maanga Paruppu

Maanga paruppu or Raw mango dal curry is a simple curry for lunch. It is very common in Tamil cuisine especially in mango season. This makes me nostalgic. As many other recipes make me so. This brings back my ever cherished memory of eating raw malgova mangoes. We had a big malgova mango tree in […]

Nadan chicken curry

Nadan chicken curry

Nadan Chicken curry is one of the popular and mouth watering chicken recipes from Kerala cuisine. It is yet another flavorful dish prepared with lot of spices, seasoned in coconut oil. This recipe is easy to cook and is much different from the other¬†chicken recipes that I have posted before. ¬†Other than marinating the chicken […]